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GSM MODEM - Wavecom Fastrack M1306B
The external FASTRACK modem delivers all the power of WISMO® technology
in one unit, giving your application instant wireless capabilities. Because the
FASTRACK modem is fully type-approved, it can dramatically speed your time
to market. Housed in a rugged metallic casing, the
FASTRACK modem is built
to withstand the toughest environments. Just attach it to your application, and
it is GSM/GPRS enabled. With its proven WISMO technology, the
can be relied on for enduring performance. FASTRACK M1306B
comes with free SMS Gateway Development Kit.

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Fastrack M1306B is end-of-life, the new models are:-
  1. Wavecom Fastrack GO
  2. Wavecom Fastrack Supreme 10
  3. MOBITEK Q24